Belmont, MA Mock House Fire Lessons

(Belmont MA Fire Department, YouTube)

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Bellmont MA Fire Department

This video demonstrates the actions taken by the first alarm fire department companies responding to a residential house fire. 11 firefighters respond to this mock fire and must perform the following actions:
-Incident command
-Search and rescue for a trapped occupant
-Establish a continuous water supply
-Run two hose lines into the house,
-Deploy a ground ladder
-Remove the victim from the house.

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This real-time evolution takes 16 minutes using every one of the 11 firefighters working together and performing their pre-determined tasks flawlessly.

Additional help is requested but would not arrive in a timely manner to assist with the rescue and rapid extinguishment of the extending fire.

In a fire situation staffing levels matter. Proper staffing levels makes all difference.

*NFPA 1710 recommends 15 firefighters (minimum) on scene within 8:00 minutes for this type of a residential fire.

While this video shows highly trained firefighters performing tasks in real time it should be noted that this is a daytime training evolution with no heat or actual fire present. This is a best case scenario.

The response to this mock fire is:
Belmont Engine 1: (3)– (1) Lieutenant, (1)driver, (1) nozzle firefighter (fire attack)
Belmont Engine 2:(3)– (1) Lieutenant, (1) driver, (1) hydrant person (water supply, back up hose line, assist with victim removal)
Belmont Ladder 1: (2)– (1) Lieutenant and (1) driver (deploy ground ladder, search and rescue, ventilation)
Belmont Rescue 1: (2) firefighter/ paramedics (search and rescue & victim removal)
Belmont C-3: (1) Captain (shift commander )(Incident command and control, resource allocation)

Total Belmont Fire personnel: 11

Additional alarms: would bring in the following:
“Working Fire”:
Watertown Engine 1: Lieutenant and 2 firefighters (2nd water supply and additional manpower).
Cambridge Engine 1: (Rapid Intervention Team) Lieutenant and 2 firefighters
Cambridge Squad 2: (Rapid Intervention Team) Lieutenant and firefighter
Cambridge Division 2: (Rapid Intervention Team Commander) Deputy Chief and Aide (firefighter)

additional “working fire” personnel= 10

“2nd alarm”:
Arlington Engine 2: Lieutenant and 2 firefighters (duties to be assigned)
Cambridge Engine 9: Lieutenant and 2 firefighters (duties to be assigned)
Cambridge Ladder 1: Lieutenant and 2 firefighters (duties to be assigned)

additional “2nd alarm” personnel= 9

Initial alarm: 11
Working fire: 10
2nd alarm: 9

                                 =30 total personnel

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