Atlanta Fire Chief Defends House Fire Rescue Suspension

Chief Slaughter says Dwyer’s act jeopardizes safety of others

Atlanta Fire Chief Randall B. Slaughter (left) and Captain Daniel Dwyer (right)

FirefighterNation Staff

ATLANTA — On the heels of the news story about an Atlanta firefighter suspended for rescuing a person trapped in house fire, Atlanta Fire Chief Randall B. Slaughter defended his disciplinary action to city leaders Tuesday afternoon, according to FOX 5 Atlanta.

Chief Slaughter told city leaders that while Captain Daniel Dwyer’s act is heroic, to go outside of incident command jeopardizes his safety and the safety of other firefighters.

Reaction to the news about Captain Dwyer’s suspension drew comments from firefighters across the country.

FirefighterNation: Atlanta Fire Captain Suspended for House Fire Rescue

At the June 2019 fire, Dwyer was part of a crew that would search the burning home. As the first one prepared to go in, Dwyer did so and removed 95-year old Sally Skrine after locating her just inside the doorway.

Department documents obtained by FOX 5 state that Dwyer should have waited for the rest of his crew before entering.

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