USFA: Indiana On-Duty Death

Engineer Mark Gillam, 58, of the Elwood (IN) Fire Department.

USFA: Maryland On-Duty Death

Firefighter/EMT Kelly Frye, 55, of the City of Cumberland (MD) Fire Department.

USFA: Kentucky On-Duty Death

Firefighter Joseph “Joey” Wright, 39, of the Nichols (KY) Fire Protection District.

USFA: Florida On-Duty Death

Driver/Engineer David Hackett, 44, of Hernando County Fire and Emergency Services.

USFA: Ohio On-Duty Death

Deputy Fire Chief Carl Frederick Kleinman, 55, of the South Point (OH) Volunteer Fire Department.

USFA: Texas On-Duty Death

Driver/Operator Robert Liguez, 52, of the Alice (TX) Fire Department on September 17, 2021.