LODD Anniversary: Firefighter Killed in Collapse at North Carolina House Fire

A firefighter was injured and subsequently died and a captain was injured when the floor collapsed.

Company Officer Decision Making

A discussion about training company officers on the decision making process, including the OODA loop and situational awareness.

Oakland Puts Fire Department in Charge of Mental Health Calls

Oakland city council and union president see fire department better than police to respond to mental health crises.

Detroit to Work with Local Union and IAFF on Drunk Driving

Two incidents of drunk driving while on duty have occurred within the Detroit Fire Department.

High Winds Cause Havoc in and Around Boston

High winds toppled scaffolding at the site of a seven-story building under construction.

Let’s Have a Drink and Toast All the Brothers and Sisters … Or Maybe...

Drinking and the impact it has on the fire service and the community.