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FirefighterNation.com is the top source of information and resources for the fire-rescue community, as the leading online destination for fire personnel.

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  The Clarion Fire & Rescue Group

The Clarion Fire & Rescue Group is an unparalleled collection of fire service media entities devoted to covering every aspect of firefighting and EMS, from breaking news to apparatus and equipment to firefighter training. These entities are both print and digital, and include the world's premier fire training conference. Fire Engineering magazine, a peer-reviewed journal, has been devoted to training in the fire service since 1877. FireRescue magazine is “devoted to the interests of firefighters worldwide” and covers in depth the social, industry, and international issues affecting the fire service. Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment magazine is a B2B magazine that covers the industry, technological, and manufacturing advances. The Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), the largest and most revered fire service training event in the world, is held annually in Indianapolis, Indiana. On FDIC.com, viewers can catch up on classes missed from previous shows; gain an insight into the offerings of the upcoming show; and follow activities before, during, and post FDIC. The EMS side is represented by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), a highly-respected digital journal, and the EMS Today conference. The portal site for all these, FirefighterNation.com, has more than a half million members and growing.

Fire Engineering

For almost 140 years, Fire Engineering magazine has provided training, education, and management information for fire and emergency services personnel worldwide. Articles are written by experts in the fire service and focus on lessons-learned.

Funeral Held for Fallen Sun Prairie (WI) Fire Captain

Mourners gathered to pay homage to Sun Prairie (WI) Fire Captain Cory Barr, who fell in the line of duty last week.  Fire photographer Tim Olk shared some images from the funeral services.


Photos: Sun Prairie (WI) Fire Department LODD Funeral

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment

Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine is the only magazine writing exclusively for Fire Chiefs, Purchasing Committee Members, Trustees, Commissioners, Finance Committees and those whose job it is to buy Trucks, Tools, Turnout Gear and Firefighting Equipment. They read Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Magazine for news and insight to make well-informed buying decisions.

Josh Blum of Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department Selected for 2018 Training Officer Recognition Award

TargetSolutions, a Vector Solutions brand offering the leading operations and training management software for the fire service, and the International Association of Fire Chief’s (IAFC) Volunteer & Combination Officers Section (VCOS) are proud to announce Deputy Chief Josh Blum, of Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department (LSFD), as the recipient of the 2018 VCOS Training Officer Recognition Award.

Out of My Mind—Participating Beyond Your Department

While it is not possible to be a part of everything, if more people would attend state and national events and contribute to trade associations, the fire service would greatly benefit.


FireRescue Magazine reaches fire chiefs, company officers and firefighters with “devoted to the interests of firefighters worldwide” content that gives fire-rescue professionals the education they want and need. Check out the new site at www.firerescuemagazine.com.

Community Relations

Jim Crawford looks at the often-overlooked effort in CRR: community relations.

From the Inside

Ray McCormack examines interior fire attack and how it must be handled with care.

FDIC International


Held annually in Indianapolis, Indiana, FDIC International is the world's largest firefighter training conference. Find out more at www.fdic.com.

John Macdonald: Three- to Six-Story Apartment Fires: Fire Extending into the Flat Roof and the Command Sequence

John Macdonald's article reflects lessons learned from many apartment fires.  

Phil Jose: Reading Smoke and the Transfer of Command Process

Phil Jose discuses in his article that training in the reading smoke process develops an understanding the concepts and impacts of the VVDC and how to apply those concepts into the role of the IC. Both the initial company officer and the later-arriving chief officer will be able to maintain a common understanding of the fire behavior, accurately predict where the fire is going, and direct the appropriate tactics to put out the fire.

About PennWell

Since 1910, PennWell has been known for providing comprehensive coverage of several strategic markets. In the early days, PennWell was a pioneer in the emerging oil industry with Oil & Gas Journal magazine, founded in 1902. Today PennWell Corporation is a highly diversified, business-to-business media and information company with 320 profit centers, including 130 print and online magazines and newsletters, 60 conferences and exhibitions on six continents, and an extensive offering of books, maps, websites, research products, digital media, and database services.

PennWell's products serve as a lens for the world, focusing diffuse information into practical business intelligence. We aim to be where decision-makers worldwide look first to see what happens next in their markets. This has been our mission since PennWell’s founding in 1910. The ownership of our privately held company has remained constant during the ensuing decades, as has our commitment to integrity, excellence and innovation in all we do.

Other PennWell public safety products:


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