93% of Seattle (WA) Fire Department Vaccinated Ahead of Mandate

City officials say 93% of SFD's personnel have been vaccinated while 6% have been given exemptions.

Video via KING5.com

Monday, October 18 officially marked the start of Seattle’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for thousands of state workers, and the Seattle (WA) Fire Department (SFD) said it expects to lose some members and firefighters over the mandate, reports KING5.com.

Workers who fall under the mandate—adopted by both King County and the City of Seattle—have been told they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t get it or get approved for an exemption, the report says. The department says it is considering various options to adapt to the transition.

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City officials say 93% of SFD’s personnel have been vaccinated while 6% have been given exemptions. The remaining 1%—about 16 workers—has not done either.

Other fire departments also shared their vaccination status in the report:

-The Everett Fire Department said 97% of its fire personnel are vaccinated or have started the process; the department says it has adequate staff to continue serving its community.

-In Tacoma, 85% of fire department personnel are vaccinated; exemptions were granted to 15%. Two firefighters are on a long-term leave of absence, and the department said it does not expect any major staffing changes or shortages.

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