Health & Safety

Health and Fitness: Creating the Culture

Brandon Green examines how the health of the firefighter is a vital piece of the fire service puzzle and should be a focus of proper training in every firehouse in the country.

Firefighter Cancer Registry Bill Signed Into Law

A bill designed to create a cancer registry for firefighters has been signed into law.

Millburn (NJ) Fire Department Participates in 2018 Firefighter Safety Stand Down Week

The week of June 17-23, 2018, the Millburn (NJ) Fire Department participated in the 2018 Firefighter Safety Stand Down Week. Find our more about what the event entailed by Adam Brenner.

Addressing Emotional, Mental Health

In September 2017, public safety members from across the nation converged in Rosemont, Illinois, to learn about emotional wellness, recovery, support, and solutions at the Rosecrance Florian Symposium.

The Three-Legged Stool

Todd J. LeDuc looks at cardiovascular health and risks, cancer occupational exposures and threats, and behavioral health risks and how they can be altered or reduced.

Gunman Lured California Firefighters to Retirement Home

A 77-year-old man set a fire to lure firefighters to his Southern California retirement home so he could shoot them, authorities said. The attack killed one firefighter and wounded another.

One Firefighter Dead, Another Injured in Long Beach (CA) Shooting

Two firefighters and another person were injured at a Long Beach retirement home where shots were heard early Monday, authorities said. One of the members passed away from his wounds.

House Unanimously Approves Firefighter Cancer Registry Act

The bipartisan legislation creates a specialized national registry to provide researchers and epidemiologists with the tools and resources needed to improve research collection activities related to the monitoring of cancer incidence among firefighters.


FireRescue’s editor-in-chief looks at having enough left over after facing challenges on the fireground and in the fire house.

IL Community Appeals Pension Award in Firefighter Cancer Death

Buffalo Grove officials announced Wednesday they are challenging a decision to award a full line-of-duty death pension to the widow of a 51-year-old Buffalo Grove firefighter, arguing not enough evidence exists that his fatal colon cancer was related to his work.

Behavioral Wellness: The Unseen Occupational Realities

Over the last decade, a bounty of evidence-based research has enhanced our understanding of the occupational toll that the fire service takes on firefighter health and wellness. Todd LeDuc surveys some of these findings.

Cincinnati (OH) Fire SUV Struck by Bullet

A Cincinnati Fire Department sport-utility vehicle was shot after midnight Saturday in the Millvale neighborhood, the fire union's leader said. MORE: Bullet-proof vests now part of daily life for Fairfield firefighters Matt Alter, president of International Association of Fire Fighters Local 48, said the department would have a police escort in the neighborhood for a while.

2018 Safety Stand Down: Focus on Firefighter Medical/Physicals

“Be Aware – Get Checked” focuses on understanding, implementing and monitoring a comprehensive annual medical/physical for firefighters and navigating the Road Map to Firefighter Health and Wellness.

Out on the Edge

Greg Lindsay looks at report that details the activities at a motor vehicle collision.

Retired Arizona Firefighter Creates Decon Kits for Other Firefighters

Retired firefighter Ed Cunningham partnered with a Peoria firefighter, who had been diagnosed with cancer in 2011, to create the kits.

MA Injuries and Deaths Highlight Fire Pit Hazards

HYANNIS - These days, fire pits are seemingly ubiquitous backyard accessories, whether its the build-your-own variety or pricey store-bought versions. They're also found at restaurants, hotels and other businesses, adding ambiance on cool summer nights and keeping energetic children busy waiting for toasted marshmallows or s'mores while families wait for a table or while away the hours until bedtime.

The Future Firefighter: Functional Fitness

The future firefighter must have the mindset and attitude that physical fitness is a requirement of their job.  It doesn’t matter if you are a volunteer, paid on-call or career firefighter, you must believe 100% that physical fitness is a fundamental aspect of your job.

NFPA: Firefighter Fatalities in the U.S. 2017

An unusually high number of firefighters were struck and killed by vehicles in 2017.


It’s time to re-evaluate from a personal and organizational standpoint.  It’s time to educate our firefighters on the importance of personal health.

Chicago Firefighter Involved in 2016 Melee Commits Suicide

A Chicago firefighter who was involved in a racially charged melee in 2016 has committed suicide, according to reports.

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