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Chemtrec help awards

CHEMTREC® Provides $50,000 to Volunteer Fire Departments to Support Hazmat Preparedness and Response

Five NVFC members have been awarded $10,000 for their volunteer fire departments through the 2021 CHEMTREC® HELP (Hazmat Emergencies Local Preparedness) Awards.

Tesla Catches Fire in MD; HazMat Unit Called

Electric vehicle batteries have come under fire in the past.

Burlington (IA) Fire Department Trains for HazMat Emergency with Help via BNSF, Amtrak

The Burlington Fire Department spent Saturday through Monday training.

Sewage Truck Flips, Dumps Nearly 200 Gallons of Waste on Richmond (VA) Road

A sewage truck flipped over and spilled about 200 gallons of waste in the road Wednesday afternoon.


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