FireRescue Magazine: The Cowboy State Saddles Up to Community Risk Reduction

Using the five Es to reduce risk

By Kathy Clay

The state of Wyoming has a small population base. The estimated 2019 population base number is 572,381. In comparison, the city of Seattle has 600,000 people. Some say there are more cattle in Wyoming than people living on the land. Vast, open, wind-blown prairies frame rivers, mountains, and geysers. Grand Teton Park with its majestic mountain range and Yellowstone National Park’s geysers and hot springs are two of the Cowboy State’s gems. 

Despite Wyoming’s small population base, the Wyoming State Fire Marshal’s Office has jumped out of the chute and is ready to buck! Using fire data collected from departments across the state, the data results revealed 50 percent of Wyoming fire fatalities have been in homes using home medical oxygen.

“When we learned there was a device to shunt the flow of oxygen on these home devices,” commented Deputy Director Mark Young, “we knew we needed to develop a program that could make a difference.”


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