Fire Rescue

2020 On-Duty Firefighting Deaths in Detail

While the total of firefighter fatalities was higher, 2020 was another record low in subcategories.

Thermal Image Capture

Several applications for DVR use come to mind from prevention, investigation, training, and fireground operations.

Charlotte, NC Firefighters Injured in Fire Engine Crash

Three firefighters hurt when their fire engine overturned on I-77.

Building Construction: Duplexes

Duplexes often have incomplete firewalls, shared attic spaces, and shared basements and are riddled with void spaces.

Goal Setting for Mid-Level Chief Officers

The chief officer needs to provide a focal point to channel personnel’s efforts and energy to generate maximum outcomes.

Is Your Department Business Intelligent?

For a fire department, internal data covers all the functional areas and their capabilities to serve internally and externally, such as human resources, fire operations, inspections, safety, finance, and so on.

Thermal Imaging Use in Fire Prevention

Can you see everything through your naked eye, including potential hidden hazards that you are supposed to be identifying?


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