Three-Alarm Auto Body Shop Fire in Brooklyn

Foam unit and more at this three-alarm commercial structure fire.

A snowy Box 1083 for a commercial
structure fire

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Here you will see the FDNY battling a third-alarm fire in a auto body shop on Empire Boulevard in the Prospect Lefferts Gardens area of Brooklyn in New York City.

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Address: 183 Empire Blvd – between Bedford and Rogers Avenue

Fire on the 1st floor of a 1 story 100×100 commercial.

Box loaded up due to calls.

1032 – Bn. 41 – We have a lot of smoke coming down Rogers Avenue. Transmit the 10-75. Give me an extra Engine and Truck (E-248, TL-157) (All Hands).

L-123 FAST

1035 – Bn. 41 – We have a large volume of fire blowing out of a taxpayer. We have several cars on fire also.

1036 – Bn. 41 – Transmit the 2nd Alarm.

1037 – Bn. 41 – Transmit the 10-70 also. We have a water problem. (E-235 WRU).

1040 – Bn. 41 – We have fire in an auto service shop. 1 L/S/O, we’re still having water issues.

1042 – Bn. 41 – 2 L/S/O. We have heavy fire in the rear as well.

1052 – FC – Per Div. 15, transmit the 3rd Alarm. (Staging at Empire and Washington)

1100 – FC- Special call a foam unit (Foam 247 & E-247).

1108 – FC – Per Car 4F. Fire throughout a 1 story commercial. 6 L/S/O, water on the fire, trucks opening up. The 10-70 has been resolved. DWH

1116 – FC – Special call 2 trucks into staging (L-122, TL-111).

1121 – FC – 7 L/S, 6 L/O, MBFKD. Still hitting pockets of fire in the cockloft. Trucks opening up. DWH

1136 – FC – Special call 3 additional ladder companies (L-174, L-102, L-109 act. 132).

1138 – FC – Special call 2 additional Engines for relief (E-253 act. 280, E-214).

1145 – FC – Special call 2 additional Battalion Chiefs (B-37, B-35).

1236 – FC – Special call a Truck to replace the FAST Truck (L-176).

1256 – FC – Secondary searches are complete and negative. Under Control – Duration 2 hours 25 minutes.

E-249, 234, 235, 240, 248 s/c
L-113, 132, 123F, 157 s/c
B-41, 38

2nd Alarm Maybe:
E-219, 255, 281
B-48, 44 RUL, 57 Safety
FC, SB, RB, Tac 1
E-284 w/ Sat. 3

3rd Alarm Maybe:
E-283, 226, 310, 227, 253 act. 280 s/c, 214 s/c
L-147, 120 act. 157, 122 s/c, 111 s/c, 174 s/c, 102 s/c, 109 act. 132 s/c, 176F s/c
B-54 act. 44, 31 Staging, 58 Air Recon, 37 s/c, 35 s/c
Car 11, Car 12C, Car 23D, Car 22E, Car 11F
E-279 Communications
E-247 w/ Foam 247

E-201 act. E-281
E-303 act. E-283
E-246 act. E-249
E-253 act. E-280
E-4 act. E-240
E-28 act. E-279
E-309 act. E-255
E-7 act. E-247
E-289 act. E-227
E-205 act. E-214
E-229 act. E-234
E-236 act. E-248
TL-120 act. TL-157
L-109 act. L-132
TL-13 act. TL-105
L-133 act. L-174
TL-142 act. TL-111
L-112 act. L-123
L-156 act. H&L-147
H&L-106 act. L-176
B-54 act. B-44
B-45 act. B-38
B-1 act. B-57
B-42 act. B-41

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