RIT Activated at Pennsylvania Apartment Fire

Firefighter was injured after being struck by a master stream during an apartment fire.
(Mike Nestor video, YouTube)

Firefighter was struck by a master stream

FirefighterNation Staff

PALMERTON, Pennsylvania – A rapid intervention team was put into action to remove an injured firefighter during an apartment fire in Palmerton on Monday.

Firefighters responded to the fire on Lehigh Street at approximately 10:00 a.m.

Occupants inside the apartment house were able to safely escape.

Palmerton Fire Chief Chief Jason Behler told PAHomepage that one firefighter was injured after being stuck by a master stream.

“We were doing salvage and overhaul in the front, while continuing to do some firefighting in the rear because they are two separate buildings. They were hit by a master stream nozzle,” said Chief Behler.

A rapid intervention team was activated and worked with other firefighters to removed the injured firefighter and turn him over to EMS.

Video by Mike Nestor shows the rapid intervention team at work.

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Officials say the firefighter was not severely injured.

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