Oklahoma House Fire Helmet Cam

(Oklahoma City Fire Department, YouTube)

Respond with Oklahoma City Ladder 7

Oklahoma City Fire Department – SIGHTS AND SOUNDS from helmet camera footage from the Officer of Ladder 7, Major Scott Osban. This fire occurred on June 27th at 8:13 p.m. This was in the 600 block of SW. 46th Street. Occupants were out of the home when firefighters arrived. Heavy smoke was showing from this two-story home when firefighters arrived.

This video gives a glimpse into the world of a firefighter. While still responding, Major Osban is monitoring radio traffic, assisting with navigation to the incident, and preparing for any assignment made of his crew upon arrival. Initially, Ladder 7 was assigned to be the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT). Later, the crew went inside to assist with locating more fire and with overhaul. Once back outside, information is provided to the Incident Commander and then Major Osban goes through a decontamination procedure to remove insulation and other contaminants from his gear.

A lot happens during the course of a fire, and this is just one vantage point from a single firefighter. Everyone on the scene has a job to do, and working as a coordinated team is paramount.

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