Oklahoma City Abandoned Apartment Fire

(Oklahoma City Fire Department, YouTube)

Helmet camera view from Engine 31 C

Oklahoma City Fire Department

This is helmet camera footage from one of 11 fires OKCFD responded to over the weekend. This is a vacant apartment complex in the 1000 block of N. Gardner.

We know many of you find it interesting to see what firefighters do each day. Firefighting is just one of the many things we do, but it is often the most interesting to those who do not live in our world.

This footage is from the perspective of a firefighter from Engine 31 who was assigned to fire attack. The flames were initially knocked down from the exterior (defensive attack) before crews eventually transitioned to an interior position. What you DON’T see in this video is all of the other action taking place with other firefighters on the scene. Other crews were assigned to fire attack as well while others were assigned to go inside and search the units that could be accessed to ensure no one was inside. A Ladder Company raised their truck-mounted aerial ladder in case copious amounts of water were necessary from above to bring the fire under control. In this case, firefighters on the ground were able to mitigate the problem with handlines.

The cause of this fire was undetermined, but it was a vacant complex. Thankfully, no one was found inside and no firefighters were injured during the incident. #HereIfYouNeedUs
Video: Firefighter Connor Jones – Engine 31C

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