LAFD Battalion 1 Commercial Structure Fire

Engine 17 began a transitional fire attack while Truck 9 and Light Force 10 were assigned to roof division.
(FB1 Response Videos, YouTube)

A transitional fire attack followed by defensive operations

FB1 Response Videos

Just after 03:30​ hours, Los Angeles Fire Department Battalion 1 companies were dispatched to a reported structure fire in 17’s first-in at the intersection of Long Beach Ave. x Washington Blvd.

E14 was first on-scene and unable to locate any signs of fire. Upon further investigation, E17 found an outside rubbish fire impinging on a 100 x 300 single-story commercial building on the 2700 blk. of S. Long Beach Ave. (14’s first-in), approximately half a mile south of the reported intersection.

Units assigned: AR1 CM21 CM22 BC1 BC5 BC11 BC13 BC18 TF3 TF10 TF21 TF33 LF2 LF15 LF26 T9 E1 E14 E17 E64 E66 HR3 UR3 UR88 SQ21 EM1 EM9 EM13 RA209 RA10 RA14 RA17 RA803 RA814 HE1 EA1 PI1

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Once on scene, T9 confirmed E17’s size-up and requested two additional task forces. E17 began a transitional fire attack while T9 and LF10 were assigned to roof division, however, due to heavy fire load, companies quickly transitioned into a defensive operation.

After knockdown, crews remained on scene to conduct an extensive overhaul operation (utilizing the Heavy Equipment crew) and extinguish remaining hotspots.

CM22 was “Long Beach IC” with Battalion 1 as operations.

144 personnel were assigned, knockdown was called at 05:27​ hours.

No injuries reported, LAFD ACTS Investigators were assigned to the incident.

Low quality = accidentally recorded in slo-mo.

Location: Central-Alameda, Los Angeles, CA
Date: Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

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