Helmet Cam: York City Fires

Four fires on video from York City, PA

(Jonathan Spencer, YouTube)

Jonathan Spencer – 1st clip- Small balcony fire. 2nd clip- garage fire around 4:00am, single car garage collapsing on arrival. 3rd clip-house fire.

Crews arrived with brown smoke from the rear of a detached 2.5 story.

Neighbor pointed to crews which entrance to use (strange layout of apartments), 1st floor had no smoke, 2nd floor had barely any smoke at all. Had fire in the walls, ceiling, and the floor below crews in between the 1st floor ceiling and 2nd floor.

4th clip- Commercial building fire, once on location there was a report of possibly someone still inside, searches were negative. Roof cut done to check what was believed to be an attic area for extension. Found out it wasn’t an attic, but open from the first floor to the roof, at some point a truss roof was put on the building

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