Harrisburg Helmet Cam Split Views

View a row house fire from the perspective of the engine company officer and nozzle firefighter.
(Brian Bastinelli, YouTube)

Combined views of a row house fire

Brian Bastinelli

This video from a fire back in 2015 is designed to show the work of the company officer and nozzle firefighter attacking a well involved fire in a row house. It also shows the second arriving engine stretching a backup line.

The views are split screen so you can see the actions and conditions taking place from each position. First the the initial engine company split screen followed by the second due engine company split screen.

The first engine ‘takes’ the door and attacks the fire from the base of the steps on the first floor and advances to the second. The company officer humps hose and then moves beyond the nozzle to search the fire floor.

The second line advances up the steps assisted briefly on the second floor and then advances to the third (half story) floor and opens up knee walls and gable walls to expose and extinguish fire.

These videos are based on our operating procedures, our city, staffing and resources. They are meant for discussion and educational purposes. You should follow the operating policies laid out for your location.

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