Fire in Multiple Buildings in Queens

(Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Six-alarm fire at Box 9633 on Jamaica Avenue

Skyler Fire

Location: 109-25 Jamaica Ave

Fire in a 2 story Mixed Occupancy

Companies reported they are still searching for the fire

Story: Firefighters Injured in Queens Fire

B-51 All Hands extra Engine & Truck

E294 SQ270 E285 E293
L143 T142 L151F
BC51 BC50
RS04 SQ252
DC13 RA04

E308 L126 s/c

Fire on the 1st floor extending to the Cockloft

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DC13 transmit a 2nd Alarm @01:19

2nd Alarm
E305 E303 E298
E324T SAT. 4

DC13 transmit a 3rd Alarm

Staging 86 Ave & 109

3rd Alarm
E236 E319 E286 E315
T135 L125
BC43(Air Recon)
RA02 Mask

FC transmit a 4th Alarm @01:47

4th Alarm
E225 E302 E331 E332
T107 T155

FC per Car 13B Fire in 6 buildings. All similar attached. Heavy fire in the cockloft and through the roof. DWH @01:55

FC per Car 13B Transmit a 5th Alarm

5th Alarm
E287 E233 E290 E271
L-173 T120
C11A C12 C13 C4A

L175 L103 T124 s/c
T158 Act. T142F s/c

FC per Car 13B s/c 3 additional trucks @02:06

FC per Car 13B 10 L/S/O TLs set up not in Opp. Fire venting through the roof of several buildings. DWH @02:24

FC s/c a truck to relieve the Fast Truck @02:27

FC Car 13 now IC Transmit a Full 6th Alarm @02:40

6th Alarm
E248 (Act. 231) E277 E289 E222
L133 L112
BC52 BC?? s/c

FC per Car 4A assuming command. Fire in 7 buildings. MBFKD 2 TLs setup not in Opp. 10 L/S/O. DWH 02:53

FC per Car 4A s/c 2 Battalion Chiefs @03:04

FC per Car 4A PWH @03:26

Engine 37 Act. Engine 287
Engine 46 Act. Engine 251
Engine 64 Act. Engine 298
Engine 40 Act. Engine 315
Engine 275 Act. Engine 308
Engine 248 Act. Engine 231
Engine 231 Act. Engine 236
Engine 251 Act. Engine 302
Engine 235 Act. Engine 315
Engine 262 Act. Engine 286
Engine 258 Act. Engine ??
Engine 276 Act. Engine 290
Ladder 25 Act. Ladder 136
Ladder 14 Act. Ladder 138
Ladder 42 Act. Ladder 130
Ladder 138 Act. Ladder 155
Ladder 158 Act. Ladder 142
Ladder 129 Act. Ladder 133
Battalion 3 Act. Battalion ??

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