Explosion at Bronx Private Dwelling

Explosion injured six people and blew a door into power lines across the street.
(Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Report of jumpers at Box 3091

Skyler Fire

Address: 1522 Paulding Ave. off Poplar St.

Explosion & fire on the 2nd floor of a 3 story 60×40 PD

FirefighterNation: Several Injured in Bronx Explosion

Box loaded up due to calls & reports of jumpers out the 3rd floor.

Major technical response assigned.

BC20: We have some sort of an explosion – No active fire – 15:27

BC20: 1 10-45 no code – We need a 10-80 code 1 response – We have a possible gas explosion – We need multiple EMS buses – 15:28

BC20: 10-75 – All Hands on arrival – 15:29


BC20: All floors are effected by the explosion – 1 L/S – 15:31

BC20: We have a 2nd 10-45 no code (pediatric) – 15:35

BC20: We have a small fire on the 2nd floor – SQ-61 is trying to get out a 3rd 10-45 from the fire floor – 15:37

BC20: Special call another truck (TL-58) – 15:41

BC20: AVFKD – We have 8 10-45 no codes – 15:51

BC20: We have a total of 9 10-45’s:
2 code 2’s
2 code 3’s
5 code 4’s

Q061 E064 E090 E089
L047 T041 T050F
BC20 BC18
Q041 RS03 RS04
DC07 RA03
E274 w/ HMTU
SOC Compressor
SOC Logistics

Engine 50 Act. Engine 64
Tower Ladder 51 Act. Tower Ladder 58
Squad 288 Act. Rescue 3

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