Command View: Ohio House Fire, Multiple Calls

(David Decker, YouTube)

Dash and helmet cam view of a Newark, Ohio fire

David Decker

On September 4, 2020 at 0616 hours NFD units were dispatched to 154 S. 6th Street for report of a house fire. While responding the dispatcher advised they were receiving additional calls reporting a working fire.

This house was located in an old section of town where houses are built behind other houses making access to it somewhat difficult.

The following equipment was on the initial assignment:
Battalion-1 with a crew of 1 (Me)
Rescue-1 (engine/rescue) with a crew of 4
Tower-1 (105 ft platform) with a crew of 4
Ladder-3 (100 ft ladder) with a crew of 4
Medic-3 with a crew of 2
Engine-52 (Heath FD) with a crew of 2

Engine-2 and Medic-2 were tied up at an auto accident when this fire was dispatched.

The working fire announcement brought an additional 2 engines and 1 medic

Rescue-51 (Heath FD-engine/rescue) with a crew of 3
Rescue-201 (Granville FD) with a crew of 4
Medic-201 (Granville FD) with a crew of 3

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Upon arrival a 360 of the building revealed the home was a duplex with 1 apartment upstairs and 1 apartment downstairs. Both were vacant and in the process of being remodeled. There was fire showing on Delta side from the ground extending to the roof line with extension into the second floor. The initial attack crew had to enter the rear door to gain access to the 2nd floor apartment. A total of 3 handlines were utilized to extinguish the fire.

There were no civilian or firefighter injuries at this fire.

This video was recorded with a Motorola Z Force Droid cell phone, which limits the length of each video to about 30 minutes. The PIP Helmet Cam footage was recorded with a Fire Cam 1080.

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