Command View: Newark, OH Fire

Fire in a known abandoned structure

You’re the incident commander – what will your orders be? (David Decker, YouTube)

David Decker – On February 26th at 0758 hours NFD units were dispatched to 204 Essex Street for a report of a house fire. While responding, Dispatch reported additional calls reporting a house a fire. NFD units had previously responded to this house which was a known vacant home.

The following equipment was on the initial assignment:
Battalion-1 with a crew of 1
Rescue-1 (engine/rescue) with a crew of 3
Medic-1 (firefighter/paramedics) with a crew of 2
Engine-2 with a crew of 3
Medic-2 (firefighter/paramedics) with a crew of 2
Rescue-101 (engine-rescue) from Madison Township with a crew of 3
Tower-51 from Heath with a crew of 4

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The following equipment added themselves
Chief-1 NFD’s Fire Chief 40-hour admin
Chief-2 NFD’s Deputy Chief 40-hour admin
I-20 NFD’s Fire Marshall 40-hour admin
Prevention-2 NFD Fire Inspector/Investigator 40-hour admin
Ladder-3 with a crew of 3 after clearing from an EMS call
Medic-3 (firefighter/paramedics) with a crew of 2 after clearing from an EMS call

The working fire assignment brings an additional 2 engines
Engine-52 from Heath with a crew of 2
Engine-541 from Newark Twp with a crew of 4

Later a request for additional medics brought
Medic-101 from Madison Twp with a crew of 2
Medic-548 from Newark Twp with a crew of 3

The first arriving fire apparatus was Rescue-1. While the crew was stretching a line the driver opened up the deckgun into the Bravo window on Division-2. On my initial 360 the rear bedroom was fully involved.

The application of the deckgun knocked down the fire in the second floor hallway and rear bedroom allowing an occupant to escape by jumping from the rear window on the Charlie side of the building. This person sustained serious injuries from the fire. A request for Air-Evac was made, however, they were unable to fly due to heavy fog. The patient was transported by NFD medics by ground to Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The fire investigation revealed that cause of the fire was a result of drug manufacturing.

Here are a couple of links to media coverage regarding this fire.……

No firefighters were injured at this fire.

This video was recorded with a Motorola Z Force Droid cellphone, which limits the length of my video to about 30 minutes.

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