Command View: Newark, OH Commercial Structure Fire

David Decker incident command video

(David Decker, YouTube)

David Decker – On April 30th at 2036 hours NFD units were dispatched to 643 McKinley Avenue for a report of a commercial building fire. While responding, Dispatch reported additional calls reporting smoke and fire. This building is a 100 x 50 lightweight wood frame metal building that was an auto repair shop. The building was not occupied at the time of the fire.

The following equipment was on the initial assignment:
Battalion-1 with a crew of 1 (Me)
Rescue-1 (engine/rescue) with a crew of 4
Tower-1 (105 ft platform) with a crew of 4
Engine-2 with a crew of 3
Medic-2 (firefighter/paramedics) with a crew of 2
Ladder-3 (100 ft ladder) with a crew of 3
Medic-3 with a crew of 2
Engine-52 (Heath FD) with a crew of 2
Rescue-51 (Heath FD-engine/rescue) with a crew of 3

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The working fire assignment brought an additional 2 engines
Rescue-101 (Engine/Rescue from Madison Twp FD) with a crew of 3
Rescue-201 (Engine/Rescue from Granville FD) with a crew of 4

Upon arrival of Battalion-1 heavy smoke was showing from the entire structure and fire was visible from a window on the back/Charlie side of the building.

The first arriving fire apparatus was Rescue-1. They pulled a 2.5 inch blitz line and also pulled a Blitzfire portable monitor to attack the fire. Tower-1 positioned in the street on the Alpha side of the building and attacked the fire with an elevated master stream. Ladder-3 positioned on the Bravo/Charlie corner and attacked the fire with a 2.5 blitz line and one elevated master stream.

The fire was contained to the building and one car that was parked next to the building on the Charlie side in about 25 minutes. Units remained on scene for a total of 4 hours extinguishing hot spots. The building was a total loss. The cause of the fire was undetermined.

No firefighters or civilians were injured at this fire.

This video was recorded with a Motorola Z Force Droid cell phone, which limits the length of each video to about 30 minutes.

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