Close Call at Manhattan Fire

Firefighter moves quickly onto fire escape as flames fill the window at this four-alarm fire.
(Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Firefighter quickly moves onto fire escape as flames fill window

Skyler Fire

74 Post Ave. off West 204th St.

Fire on the top floor & into the cockloft of a 6 story 150×75 MD

Phone Alarm Box 1797 – Reporting a fire in apt. 4D – 19:04

BC13: Transmit a 10-75 – Fire on top floor – All Hands – 19:09

T046 FAST, E075 & T033 for window bars

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BC13: 2 L/S, 1 into 4F & the other line in 4E for extension – 19:15

DC07: Transmit a 2nd Alarm – Fire in the cockloft – 19:18

BC17 RUL, BC18 Safety, E072 w/ Sat. 2

DC07: 4 L/S, 2 L/O – Trench cut has been made on the A wing on the roof – DWH – 19:31

DC07: Special call 2 additional trucks (L034 & L056) – 19:40

DC07: Special call an additional truck (L038) to replace T046 as the FAST truck, we’re putting T046 to work as a TL – 19:46

DC07: Transmit a 3rd Alarm – 19:47

BC15 Staging, B-58 Air Recon, E-263 Comm.

Staging: Post Ave. at West 204th St.

FC: Special call 2 additional trucks into the CP (L037 & L027) – 20:00

FC: Special call 2 additional trucks into the CP (L030 & T044) – 20:24

FC: By the orders of C04D, Transmit a 4th Alarm – 20:26

FC: Notify NYPD aviation that their helicopter is flying a little too low over the fire building – 20:27

FC: Special call 2 additional trucks (L052 & L019) – 20:28

FC: Per C04d, Fire on the top floor into the cockloft & through the roof & in the dumbwaiter shaft – 6 L/S/O – AVFKD – DWH – 20:35

FC: Special call 2 additional trucks (L049 & T058) – 21:04

E095 E093 E067 E081
L036 T045 T046F
BC13 BC19
RS03 SQ61
DC07 RA01

Special Called for Window Bars
E075 T033 s/c

2nd Alarm
E042 E084 E079
E072 w/ SAT 2

Special Called
L034 L056 L038F

3rd Alarm
E273 (Act. E079) E046 E092 E088
BC15 Staging
BC58 Air Recon
E263 Communications
C04D C22C C12C C23D

Special Called
L037 L027 L030 T044

4th Alarm
E080 E069 E062 E043
C12C33 C04 C24B

Special Called
L052 L019 L049 T058

Special Called 21:30
T031 L055 T017

Special Called 21:57
L024 T023

Engine 22 Act. Engine 95
Engine 66 Act. Engine 81
Engine 50 Act. Engine 75
Engine 262 Act. Engine 67
Engine 65 Act. Engine 84
Engine 16 Act. Engine 69
Engine 94 Act. Engine 42
Engine 5 Act. Engine 22
Engine 39 Act. Engine 50
Engine 313 Act. Engine 46
Engine 273 Act. Engine 79
Engine 298 Act. Engine 263
Ladder 25 Act. Ladder 36
Ladder 2 Act. Ladder 19
Tower Ladder Act. 115 Act. Tower Ladder 45
Tower Ladder 160 Act. Tower Ladder 44
Battalion 8 Act. Battalion 13
Battalion 4 Act. Battalion 8

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