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The Art of Reading Smoke: Continuity of Fuel

The art of reading smoke is a process that evaluates four visible smoke attributes to predict fire size, location, and future growth.

Firefighters Call Mayday When Temporarily Trapped in Manchester (NH) Hoarding House Fire

Two firefighters called mayday when they became briefly trapped by flames battling a house fire in Manchester Monday.

10 Indicators of an Electrical Infrastructure Fire

Here are a couple of tips that will help you identify this unique hazard quickly and result in a more robust risk assessment.
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Video: Fire Destroys Los Angeles (CA) Koreatown Strip Mall

More than 100 firefighters battled a fire that collapsed the roof of a shopping center in Los Angeles' Koreatown Thursday night.

Orange County (CA) Firefighters Free Woman Trapped Between Buildings

Firefighters took more than two hours to free a nude woman who became trapped between two buildings in Santa Ana Tuesday.

Petzl Debuts New SPIN Line of Swivel Pulleys

Petzl has released a new line of swivel pulleys: The SPIN line, featuring the L1, L2, L1D.
Eddy County Fire Service

Eddy County, New Mexico Seeks Volunteer Firefighters for 11 Fire Districts

Eddy County is seeking individuals for the fire districts and fire stations that cover thousands of square miles not covered by professional firefighters.


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