Preparing for Rapid Transit Emergencies

Capt Brian Butler, City of Trenton New Jersey Fire Department. ( MetroFireTraining.Com UrbanFireTraining.Com, YouTube)

High-speed rail to buses at FDIC 2021

Brian Butler
City of Trenton, NJ Fire Department

Lucas Oil Stadium Meeting Room 10-12
Friday, April 23, 2021: 8:30 AM – 10:15 AM


This class covers basic train anatomy, safety procedures, tunnel ventilation systems, protective systems, extinguishing agents, propane track switch heaters, CNG buses, the proper tools and equipment for rescue incidents, and the dangers working along railway property.

It will help firefighters and company officers prepare for rapid/mass transit emergencies involving high-speed rail, commuter rail, street cars, monorails, light rail service, subways, and buses.

Also covered are fires in passenger trains, locomotives, and buses; extrication pin jobs at the platform or under train cars; and the hazards of overhead catenary, trolley lines, third rail, electric, and diesel-electric (dual locomotive) driving systems in open electrified territory.

You will also be introduced to tactical considerations for emergencies at railroad crossings, tracks, tunnels, subways, elevated platforms, bridges over water, and adjacent rail yard properties.

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