Illinois Squad Dedicated to Retired Deputy, FDIC Instructor, and Fire Engineering Contributor

Chief Stott is well-known for his respiratory protection articles

(John Tulipano, JLT Photography)

Tim Leidig

I just wanted to offer you an update on an FDIC Instructor from our organization.  Chief Hugh Stott retired from our organization June 2019.  Chief has instructed at FDIC the “Developing an Effective Respiratory Protection Program” and written several respiratory protection articles for Fire Engineering. 

(John Tulipano, JLT Photography)

Chief Stott has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Lou Gehrig’s disease and is struggling with it as we speak.  Last Sunday, we dedicated our heavy rescue Squad 7 in his honor.  Chief Stott was not only the lead building this vehicle, but also on bringing the “FDNY Rescue” concept to West Chicago. 

(John Tulipano, JLT Photography)

I know the FDIC Instructors are a family, but I thought you would enjoy the picture of us celebrating the dedication and honoring an asset to our organization and the entire fire service.

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