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Cladding Questions Arise in Milan’s 20-Story Building Fire

Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala said it was “unacceptable” that a building just over a decade old showed itself to be so vulnerable.

No Victims in 20-Story Building Fire in Italy

Some cases of smoke inhalation were reported, but there were no serious injuries or deaths.
Firefighters and tech rescue team members at Surfside collapse

Report: Evidence of Extensive Corrosion in Collapsed FL Condo

Video released by a team of federal investigators shows more evidence of extensive corrosion and overcrowded concrete reinforcement in a Miami-area condominium that collapsed in June.

Building Partially Collapses in Pittsburgh, PA

The upper floor of a two-story building in the 1600 block fell into the street.

Last Victim Identified in Florida Condo Collapse

Estelle Hedaya, an outgoing 54-year-old with a love of travel, was the last to be identified, ending what her relatives described as a torturous four-week wait.

Search Ends in Chinese Hotel Collapse That Killed 17

Rescuers used cranes, ladders, metal cutters and search dogs to look for survivors. Most of those killed were hotel guests.

Five Dead Following Canadian Crane Collapse

Five people are dead after a crane collapsed in downtown Kelowna on Monday morning.

At Least Eight Dead in Hotel Collapse in Eastern China

At least 23 people were trapped when then hotel collapsed. Six people were rescued and eight people were confirmed dead, leaving nine people unaccounted for.

Searchers Recover Personal Possessions from Condo Collapse Rubble

As they search through tons of broken concrete and twisted rebar for more remains, authorities are also trying to recover keepsakes for families that have lost relatives and for surviving residents of the building.

UPDATE: Condo Collapse Death Toll Rises to 95

On the 19th day since the partial collapse of the Champlain Towers South, search teams continued to work through the rubble in the effort to find the remains of every last victim.


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