New Tech and Vessels Helps FDNY on the Water

New Tech and Vessels Helps FDNY on the Water
The FDNY Marine Division is doing it better than ever before with new boats and high tech marine technology. (WABC/YouTube)

MANHATTAN, New York (WABC) - Technology has changed the job for the marine unit - all of the firefighters serve in land units and then can apply for the marine unit. But many of them have special skills that make them ideal for fire fighting on water.

"We can find the vessels - especially when they don't even know where they are. Using high tech equipment, when it would have taken hour - we can locate those in distress much faster," said Guerriere.

Nicholas Cea, Marine Engineer company 6, gave Amy a look below deck of this 98,000 pound boat. There's 3,500 horse power which takes the boat to 42 knots. Fast response is what they want!

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