Woman Steals LAFD Ambulance During Fire

(CBS Los Angeles, YouTube)

Police pursuit from L.A. into San Bernardino County

CBS Los Angeles – The chase started in downtown LA, where the ambulance was stolen, all the way into San Bernardino County. Sharon Tay reports.

LAFD: Stolen Ambulance 07/04/2020 INC#1527
Stolen Ambulance; INC#1527; 8:48PM; 1005 E 25th St; https://bit.ly/3gtMNeA; Historic South-Central; One LAFD ambulance was stolen from the scene of a structure fire. The circumstances surrounding the theft of the ambulance are currently under investigation by both the LAFD and LAPD. Nothing further; FS 14; Batt 1; Central Bureau; Council District 9; BC1 BC11 E10 E14 E221 E29 E33 RA14 RA814 SQ21 T21 T9; CH7; 12; -Nicholas Prange

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