Walk-Around Tour of Miami-Dade’s New Heavy Rescue

Get a detailed tour of Miami-Dade Fire Rescue's new heavy rescue from SVI Trucks and Sutphen.
(SVI, YouTube)

Take a look at this new heavy rescue

SVI Trucks

In case you missed the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue LIVE Walk-Around that went down on April 5, we’re posting the recording here. If you’d like to still see and engage in the chat feature of the webinar platform, you can still do that. Simply visit svitrucks.com/svi-live-series. (You can also sign up there for the Miami-Dade Hazmat SVI LIVE Walk-Around slated for May 3.) Sold by South Florida Emergency Vehicles. Riding on a Sutphen Corporation chassis!

FirefighterNation: Miami-Dade’s New Heavy Rescue

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