Victims in Fatal Crash with Toledo Fire & Rescue Truck 17 Identified

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A West Toledo (OH) accident yesterday involving Toledo Fire & Rescue Truck 17 resulted in the death of James M. Carter and left Joseph Parr clinging for life in a local hospital, reports

Carter, 43, was the driver of a black, four-door vehicle that crashed into a fire truck turning left onto Auburn Avenue from Monroe Street on a green light and in the left-turn lane, according to officials. Parr, 64, was a passenger during the accident, which occurred just before 5 p.m.

Carter attempted to pass the apparatus on the left side, officials say, but struck its left side. The truck’s lights and sirens were not on at the time. The vehicle sustained more damage when it collided with a utility pole. Additional crews were called to help with the extrication.

Both victims were transported to Mercy Health St. Vincent Medical Center for treatment.

The apparatus also had significant damage to its left side. And three firefighters were inside it at the time of collision–two were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

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