One Year after Launch, Drone Continues Helping Virginia First Responders

HAMPTON, Va. (WTKR) –  It’s cutting-edge technology giving us a new view of the world and it’s doing the same for first responders across the country, including in Hampton. In June, News 3 first reported how firefighters and police in Hampton began using a drone at crime scenes and fires.

Nearly a year later, they say it’s been a successful launch. “It really helps us out because if you look at what you see from the ground, once you get up in the air, plus-100 feet, it’s another world and you can really make your way around things a lot quicker and easier,” said Jesse Gomes, an Assistant Fire Marshal with Hampton Fire-Rescue.

During a recent training session, Gomes told News 3 firefighters have used drones to help with fire investigations and they’re hoping to use them even more, particularly during active situations. MORE

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