Longview, TX Velocity PUC Pumper

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Battalion Chief Jon-Eric Johnson tells us about his department’s new engine

Pierce Manufacturing

Learn about Longview Fire Department’s Velocity PUC Pumper with Battalion Chief Jon-Eric Johnson. All the compartments are designed with ergonomics in mind, so equipment can be accessed quickly and easily. Rear facing seats help firefighters communicate while giving the driver increased visibility. The remote radio head also increases the driver’s communication. EMS compartments were placed in the back of the cab so gear can be accessed from inside and outside of the cab. The hose bed is placed as low as possible to be accessible and provides extra storage space.

Chassis: 84” Velocity® cab with 10” raised roof
Seating capacity: 5
Overall height: 9’11”
Overall length: 34’0.5”
GVW rating: 49,800 lb
Front axle: TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension, 22,800 lb
Rear axle: Meritor RS26-185, 27,000 lb
Engine: Cummins L9, 450 hp, 1,250 torque
Safety: Side roll and frontal impact protection
Electrical: Command Zoneâ„¢ Advanced Electronics System

Material: Aluminum
Shelving: Adjustable, up to 500 lb
Doors: AMDOR Rollup
Pump: Pierce PUCâ„¢, 1,500 gpm
Tank: 500 gallons
Foam system: Huskyâ„¢ 12
Foam cell: 40 gallons
Foam system: Hercules CAFS

Job No: 34586
Dealership: Siddons-Martin Emergency Group

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