Hale Products Introduces New Series of Fire Pumps

OCALA, FL–Hale Products announces the addition of the new Flex Series line of pumps to its non-manifolded pump line. According to Hale, this new line brings years of design and manufacturing experience together with innovation to create a heavy-duty pump and gearbox combination. It simplifies pump installation and flexibility to the fire apparatus OEM’s, while enhancing overall durability and ease of service for end-users.

“This series of pumps is truly unique delivering a great deal of flexibility like its name implies to both the OEM and fire departments,” said Jeff VanMeter, Product Manager for pumps at Hale. “Our engineering efforts focused on enhancing the overall durability of the pump and seal designs to add increased efficiency, while making them easier to perform routine maintenance and service when in the field. A bonus during this process was a simplified gearbox which allows OEM’s more options for orientations and mounting in a compact design, making these combinations more suitable for special apparatus challenges.”

The Flex Series of pumps is now a standard offering for Hale’s CBP, AP, MBP and RSD pumps with flows ranging from 250 gpm (946lpm) to 1,500 gpm (5678lpm).

For more information, visit haleproducts.com.

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