Garland, TX Arrow XTâ„¢ Ascendant® 100’ Heavy Duty Tower

Assistant Chief Carl Coan shows us this new tower ladder

(Pierce Manufacturing, YouTube)

Pierce Manufacturing – Take a walk around Garland Fire Department’s Arrow XT 100’ Ascendant Tower with Assistant Chief Carl Coan.

With an increase in population and vehicles throughout the city, the department wants to make sure the apparatus is short enough to fit through the streets of Garland, Texas. The 5-section ladder lets the Aerial Platform to be 42’, 1.75” in length.

This rig has a 40-degree cramp angle and a TAK4 T3 rear suspension, allowing for a small turning radius of around 21’.

Compartmentation is standard with the design of full-depth storage options that maximize and places equipment in logical locations.

Chassis: 67” Arrow XTâ„¢ cab
Seating capacity: 5
Overall height: 10’11”
Overall length: 42’1.75”
GVW rating: 76,000 lb
Safety: Frontal Impact Protection
Front axle: TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension, 24,000 lb
Rear axle: TAK-4 T3â„¢ Independent Rear Suspension, 52,000 lb
Engine: Cummins X15, 600 hp, 1,850 torque
Electrical System: Command Zoneâ„¢ Advanced Electronics System

Material: Aluminum
Shelving: Adjustable, up to 500 lb
Pump: Waterous, 2,000 gpm
Tank: 300 gallons

Device: 100’ Aerial Tower
Reach: 100’ vertical, 93’ horizontal
Payload Capacity: 1,000 lb dry, 500 lb wet
Flow rate: 2,000 gpm
Stabilizers: 1 set of H-Style, 4 down-jacks

Job No: 34029
Dealership: Siddons-Martin Emergency Group

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