First Run for New FDNY Rescue 2

Watch the first run for the brand new FDNY Rescue Company 2's Ferrara rig in this Skyler Fire video.
FDNY Rescue Company 2’s new rig responding on it’s first box alarm minutes after being placed in service. (Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Responding to a box alarm after
being placed in service

Skyler Fire

First run for the brand new FDNY Rescue 2, to a 10-75.

Address: 193 Sterling Place – between Vanderbilt and Flatbush Avenue

Fire on the 1st floor of a 4 story 25×40 MD.

0941 – 10-75 transmitted.

L-122 FAST

0946 – Bn. 31 – All Hands – Fire on the 1st floor. 1 L/S/O, trucks opening up, searches in progress.

0949 – Bn. 31 – MBFKD. Primaries are complete and negative.

E-S1, 219, 280, 239
L-105, 132, 122F
B-31, 57

FDNY Rescue 2’s New Quarters
Inside the New FDNY Rescue 2 Firehouse

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