FDIC International 2019: Making the Connection

The theme of Pierce Manufacturing’s presence at FDIC 2019 and the features of its exhibit will center on the company’s focus on producing innovative fire apparatus. Visitors will notice a unique message around FDIC: Deserve Better. Serve Better.

This messaging at FDIC 2019 focuses on four key themes:

You Speak. We Listen: This message is at the heart of what the experienced workforce at Pierce does day in and day out. Taking feedback and recommendations directly from firefighters helps Pierce’s team build innovative design features that address the critical needs of fire departments.

You Question. We Answer: Sam Lowe, Pierce marketing manager, says, “True innovation comes from collaboration. Pierce works directly with dealers and firefighters to answer their questions. What type of materials are used? How are products made? Our team makes a point of educating firefighters about processes and best practices but also takes feedback to help drive new apparatus design and functionality.”

You Ask. We Act: From product improvements to service and maintenance, the requests of firefighters drive action. Pierce employees and dealers take pride in accommodating the needs of firefighters as we provide the highest level of service throughout the lifespan of an apparatus.

You Lead. We Honor: Lowe says, “Building custom fire apparatus involves a deep understanding of the risks and challenges firefighters are faced with on the job. Throughout Pierce’s over 100-year history, we’ve made a point of honoring the noble work of firefighters.”

Other Pierce Manufacturing FDIC Booth Features
Visitors will have the opportunity to experience the full breadth of Pierce products and services while hearing about the latest innovations and features available in the design of fire apparatus and aftermarket offerings. 

  • New Technology: Situational awareness and securing a scene are essential factors for firefighters during on-call operations. Pierce’s new actively tethered aerial device can be deployed from any apparatus and is retrofittable with apparatus currently in service. With a focus on increased response effectiveness, this tool for the firefighting industry is easy to use and quick enough to deploy by one operator, providing immediate aerial views of a scene. Pierce’s FDIC booth will offer a display and periodic demonstrations to showcase how the actively tethered aerial device will enable better response times and increased situational awareness. 
  • Build My Pierce (BMP) Rapid Configurator: BMP simplifies the fire apparatus buying process and offers an efficient approach to planning the specifications of highly-customized fire apparatus. With the use of BMP, depending on slot availability, delivery dates can be set within 180 days. The launch of Pierce’s BMP rapid configurator has taken online apparatus design and specification planning tools to another level.
  • Extensive Scope of Apparatus and Service Innovations: From the latest chassis design, pump panels, aerial configurations, electrical systems, corrosion protection, and more, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Pierce’s broad scope of apparatus innovations. Centered around customer feedback, Pierce’s FDIC exhibit will incorporate apparatus representing regions across North America and will demonstrate many unique needs of fire departments. 
  • Dealer Network and Aftermarket Services: Twenty-six dealerships strong, Pierce’s network and aftermarket services cover all of North America. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with and have their questions answered by one of the most educated and experienced sales and service teams in the world. Pierce’s aftermarket service specialists will feature product support capabilities and enhanced rapid part delivery services.   
  • Opening Announcement: Attendees are encouraged to attend Pierce’s opening announcement taking place on Thursday, April 11th at 11:15 am (EDT) in Pierce’s central location near the end zone of Lucas Oil Stadium. 
  • 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb: On Friday, April 12th at 1:00 pm (EDT), the opening ceremony for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb event will take place at Pierce’s booth. The 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb is a way for attendees to honor and remember those in the fire service community who selflessly gave their lives, so others might live. 

Lowe adds, “Experiencing the show floor at FDIC is a great opportunity to see and learn about the latest fire apparatus, innovative equipment, services, and so much more. What attendees learn in the hands-on training sessions and other workshops can be carried over to the show floor where they can ask one-on-one questions of apparatus and equipment providers. Specifically, at the Pierce booth, we’ll have product and technology platform leads, aftermarket and service representatives, dealers, and more available to answer any question an attendee may have about Pierce apparatus. Connecting with other members of the fire service and networking is also an invaluable element of the show. Many fire department representatives make connections they may never have dreamed of making otherwise and establish lifelong relationships that can support individual and professional goals.”

Pierce is located at Booths 8807, 8512, 14000, and 14010.

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