Drone Deployed at Brooklyn Three-Alarm Blaze

Fire in a one-story 100x100 commercial structure.
(Skyler Fire, YouTube)

Fire in a commercial structure

Skyler Fire

Address: 183 Empire Blvd – between Bedford and Rogers Avenue

Fire on the 1st floor of a 1 story 100×100 commercial.

Box loaded up due to calls.

1032 – Bn. 41 – We have a lot of smoke coming down Rogers Avenue. Transmit the 10-75. Give me an extra Engine and Truck (E-248, TL-157) (All Hands).

L-123 FAST

1035 – Bn. 41 – We have a large volume of fire blowing out of a taxpayer. We have several cars on fire also.

1036 – Bn. 41 – Transmit the 2nd Alarm.

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1037 – Bn. 41 – Transmit the 10-70 also. We have a water problem. (E-235 WRU).

1040 – Bn. 41 – We have fire in an auto service shop. 1 L/S/O, we’re still having water issues.

1042 – Bn. 41 – 2 L/S/O. We have heavy fire in the rear as well.

1052 – FC – Per Div. 15, transmit the 3rd Alarm. (Staging at Empire and Washington)

1100 – FC- Special call a foam unit (Foam 247 & E-247).

1108 – FC – Per Car 4F. Fire throughout a 1 story commercial. 6 L/S/O, water on the fire, trucks opening up. The 10-70 has been resolved. DWH

1116 – FC – Special call 2 trucks into staging (L-122, TL-111).

1121 – FC – 7 L/S, 6 L/O, MBFKD. Still hitting pockets of fire in the cockloft. Trucks opening up. DWH

1136 – FC – Special call 3 additional ladder companies (L-174, L-102, L-109 act. 132).

1138 – FC – Special call 2 additional Engines for relief (E-253 act. 280, E-214).

1145 – FC – Special call 2 additional Battalion Chiefs (B-37, B-35).

1236 – FC – Special call a Truck to replace the FAST Truck (L-176).

1256 – FC – Secondary searches are complete and negative. Under Control – Duration 2 hours 25 minutes.

E249 E234 E235 E240
L113 L132 L123
BC41 BC38
RS02 SQ01
DC15 RA02

E248 T157 s/c

2nd Alarm
E219 E255 E281
E284 w/ SAT 3
BC48 (FF)
BC44 (RUL)
BC57 (Safety)

3rd Alarm
E283 E226 E310 E227
L147 T120 (Act. T157)
BC54 (Act. BC44)
BC31 (Staging)
BC58 (Air Recon)
C11 C12C C23D C22E C11F
E279 Communications
E247 w/ Foam 247

Special Calls Above 3rd Alarm
E253 (Act. E280) E214
T123 T111 L174 L102 T109 L132 L176F
BC37 BC35

E-201 act. E-281
E-303 act. E-283
E-246 act. E-249
E-253 act. E-280
E-4 act. E-240
E-28 act. E-279
E-309 act. E-255
E-7 act. E-247
E-289 act. E-227
E-205 act. E-214
E-229 act. E-234
E-236 act. E-248
TL-120 act. TL-157
L-109 act. L-132
TL-13 act. TL-105
L-133 act. L-174
TL-142 act. TL-111
L-112 act. L-123
L-156 act. H&L-147
H&L-106 act. L-176
B-54 act. B-44
B-45 act. B-38
B-1 act. B-57
B-42 act. B-41

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