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The PennWell Fire Group is an unparalleled collection of fire service media entities devoted to covering every aspect of firefighting, from breaking news to apparatus and equipment to firefighter training. These entities are both print and digital, and include the world’s premier fire training conference.

  • Fire Engineering magazine, a peer-reviewed journal, has been devoted to training, education,  and management information to fire and emergency personnel worldwide.  
  • Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment magazine is the only magazine exclusive for chiefs, company officers, firefighters, apparatus, and equipment purchasing committee members, and to those whose job is to purchase fire apparatus and firefighting equipment. 
  • The Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC), the largest and most respected fire service training event in the world, is held annually in Indianapolis, Indiana. On, viewers can catch up on classes missed from previous shows; gain an insight into the offerings of the upcoming show; and follow activities before, during, and post FDIC. 

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