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Sharing Your TI Knowledge

How can you work more closely with other agencies in your community to share your thermal imaging knowledge for other applications?

Sharpen Your TIC Skills

TIs are only as effective as the end-user’s interpretation or misinterpretation of the image. To an inexperienced eye, the best technology can be useless or possibly fatal.

Thermal Imaging and Medical Emergencies

Using the TI for Medical Emergencies By Manfred Kihn I recently had the privilege of training firefighters in South America, which inspired me to write this month’s column. This vast world we live in gives us various climate changes where in many cases a thermal imager (TI) could be a valuable tool to assist in […]

Is the Container Half Full or Half Empty?

Having the ability to see the content level of an enclosed container at a safe distance is critical to the safety of the firefighting crew.

What’s Your Deployment Plan?

Deploying four TIs speeds up the entire crew and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the team.

Thermal Image Capture

Several applications for DVR use come to mind from prevention, investigation, training, and fireground operations.

Infrared Energy and Solar Loading

A review of the basics of thermal imaging technology and terms.

Attacking the Fire with a Thermal Imager

Having a TI with the crew during a fire attack is critical to meeting our goals.

Using Your Senses

By many, sight is perceived as the most precious of the senses. It enables us to process information quickly and often without even being consciously aware.

Using Thermal Imaging in Environmental Conditions

What kind of factors can a cold climate have on interpreting what your TI is telling you?


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