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UL FSRI: Residential Size-Up and Search & Rescue, Virtual Visitor Day

UL FSRI Research Engineers will take viewers on a tour of the site, experimental structure, and instrumentation

UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute

This experiment will begin with ignition in the sofa of an open floor plan kitchen/living room(common space).

The search tactics in this experiment include operations initiated through the bedroom 2 and bedroom 3 windows prior to suppression.

The fire is ignited in the living room, and at flashover, simulated crews on side C of the structure ventilate half of the double-wide windows in bedroom 2 and bedroom 3. The simulated crew in bedroom 3 finds the door to the hallway and searches bedroom 4.

At the same time, the simulated crew in bedroom 2 reaches the hallway, closes the door behind them, and proceeds to bedroom 1. The initially closed bedroom 1 door gets opened to allow for crew entry. The crew then closes the door behind them. Once isolated in bedroom 1, the crew proceeds to remove the BR1 window. At this point the search tactic comparison is complete and interior suppression begins.

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