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Florida Firefighter Suspended after Breaking COVID-19 Quarantine

Seminole County firefighter said
he was “bored.”

FirefighterNation Staff

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Florida – WESH reports that a Seminole County firefighter has been suspended for breaking quarantine after testing positive for CIVOID-19.

Seminole County Fire officials told WESH that Firefighter Joseph Piambino had tested positive for COVID-19, and during his two-week quarantine period, Piambino went out on a boat and attended a gathering at a friend’s house.

Piambino admitted to the actions because he was “bored” according to an investigation.

Piambino posted videos to his Instagram account showing him out on the boat and at a gathering at a private residence.

A notice of disciplinary action shows that Piambino was suspended for three days without pay.