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Texas Chief Apologizes for Fire Truck in “MAGA” Parade

Silsbee Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Robin Jones (12NewsNow, YouTube)

Flags on Silsbee truck and chief’s vehicle become focus of community

FirefighterNation Staff

SILSBEE, Texas – 12NewsNow reports that a debate that started on social media moved before the board of directors for the Silsbee Fire Department who decided to make changes in how the department engages with the community.

Over the weekend a photo of a Trump flag with profanity reading “no more bulls—” was seen on a fire engine, along with the chief’s pickup truck, during a “MAGA” parade in Hardin County.

The chief’s pickup truck was seen in the parade flying Trump flags. 

The Silsbee Volunteer Fire Department is recognized as a tax-exempt organization and, under IRS guidelines, cannot participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.

At a meeting of the board of directors, most among those attending voiced their that there needs to be some accountability, and that the firefighter driving the fire engine should not be fired.

The board decided that going forward the department will not be participating in political events and that future participation in community events and parades must be approved according to the president of Hardin County Emergency Service District No.6.

Fire Chief Robin Jones will be undergoing training and the firefighter who was driving the fire engine will remain an active member of the department.

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