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Investigators Look at Door and Hoseline in San Francisco Firefighter’s Death

Firefighter/Paramedic Jason Cortez (department photo)

FirefighterNation Staff

SAN FRANCISCO – NBC Bay Area reports that the investigation into the fatal fall of a San Francisco firefighter/paramedic during training is focusing on witness reports that a door struck him from behind and knocked him over the railing.

Firefighter/Paramedic Cortez was one of four firefighters in the drill at the time of the accident. His job was to go out on the fire escape landing to connect the hose to an outside standpipe connection.

Investigators are trying to determine if door was forced open by the action of the charged hoseline or was propped open but hit him anyway.

Lieutenant Jonathan Baxter, a San Francisco Fire Department spokesperson, declined to comment about the focus of the investigation but did say both Cal OSHA and the San Francisco Police Department’s major accident detail are involved in the investigation.