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FDNY Adds 27 Names to World Trade Center Memorial Wall

(FDNY photo)

More than 226 FDNY members have died of World Trade Center related illnesses

Fire Department City of New York

NEW YORK – On Wednesday, September 9, FDNY Commissioner Daniel A. Nigro added the names of 27 FDNY members who have died of illnesses related to their work in the World Trade Center rescue and recovery efforts to the World Trade Center Memorial Wall at FDNY Headquarters in Brooklyn.

To date, more than 226 FDNY members have died of World Trade Center related illnesses. The inscription on the World Trade Center Memorial Wall reads: “Dedicated to the memory of those who bravely served this Department protecting life and property in the City of New York in the rescue and recovery effort at Manhattan BOX 5-5-8087 WORLD TRADE CENTER”  

Those added to the World Trade Center Memorial Wall are:  

Firefighter Owen T. Carlock, Ladder 122; Firefighter Robert M. Gless, Engine 329; Firefighter John B. O’Brien, Engine 329; Firefighter James J. Hurson, Engine 318; Captain Robert E. Collis, Engine 304; Firefighter Joseph Walsh, Ladder 32; Auto Mechanic James J. Sottile, Bureau of Fleet Services; Firefighter Joseph R. Losinno, Engine 302; Firefighter Robert B. Fitzgibbon, Engine 47; Firefighter Walter E. McKee, Battalion 39; Firefighter John W. Boyle, Rescue 1; Firefighter Roger Espinal, Engine 320, Firefighter Richard J. Tanagretta, Rescue 5; Firefighter Andrew S. Gargiulo, Engine 160; Lieutenant Richard G. Estreicher, Engine 248; Firefighter Clifford R. DiMuro, Ladder 137; Captain Dennis M. Gilhooly, Engine 67; Firefighter Brian W. Casse, Engine 294; Firefighter Michael L. Feldman, Ladder 161; Firefighter Richard B. Jones, Ladder 25; Lieutenant Paul W. Deo, Jr., Engine 317; Firefighter Joseph A. Hatzelman, Engine 218; Firefighter Daniel R. Foley, Rescue 3; Battalion Chief Dennis J. Moynihan, Battalion 18; Firefighter John H. Marr, Engine 34; Lieutenant Kevin C. Dunn, Engine 251; and Firefighter Paul J. Greco, Squad 270.

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