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Indianapolis Fire Department Rope Rescue Training

(Indianapolis Fire Department, YouTube)

Pick-off training at the Eagle Creek Reservoir

Indianapolis Fire Department – No complaints about this scenic view as IFD Station 7 C spent the morning on the dam at Eagle Creek Reservoir conducting high angle rope rescue training.

In partnership with Citizens Energy Group the team trains on the dam several times a year and today was picture perfect. High angle rope rescue is a low frequency, high risk type of incident with no room for error and every member of IFD Tac Team 7 trains to understand each role within this complex scenario.

From rope system to rescuer, every detail, is checked, rechecked, and checked again. For the team member selected as the “victim,” going over the wall for the first time to await “rescue,” is not for the weak.

Today’s scenario simulated an unsupported victim pick-off, or a victim without a harness. (Ours however, had a harness on for safety.)

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