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Chattanooga Firefighter Fired for Threatening Mayor, Council on Facebook

(Chattanooga Fire Department)

Names placed on bullets in Facebook post

FirefighterNation Staff

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee – NewsChannel9 reports that Chattanooga Fire Department Lieutenant Charlie Thomason has been fired due to a social media post threatening violence on the city’s mayor and council members.

NewsChannel9’s image of Thomason’s Facebook post shows bullets with the names Berke, Coonrod, Muhammad, Kunesh, and Hakeem, on them and the caption, “Oh look, I got cleaning supplies for Christmas,” and “2020 is going to be busy.”

A city Internal Affairs report obtained by NewsChannel9 states that Thomason approached Battalion Chief Schroyer at Station 7 and said, “I may have messed up this time.”

Thomason showed the social media posts and told Chief Schroyer that he had posted them on his personal account the night before.

(City of Chattanooga)

Thomason told the Internal Affairs investigator that he was upset about a new initiative set up by the Mayor “where people could in his words “pike on each other.” The report says that is a common term around the firehouse for telling on someone.

Thomason said he made the post on his personal computer after drinking a few beers and that it was not “racially motivated.”

The posts were turned over to District Attorney Neil Pinkston who reviewed them and decided no criminal charges were warranted.

The Chattanooga Fire Department says Thomason’s posts were found to be ‘threatening,’ which goes against the City of Chattanooga’s ethics policy.

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