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Homeowner Donates House to Virginia Fire Department

(Fairfax County Fire and Rescue, YouTube)

Fairfax County firefighters train before demolition

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue – Over the past two weeks, units in the 6th Battalion have had the good fortune of conducting training on a pre-demo home. The owner of this house is tearing it down and building a new one on this site. So before demolishing it, he “donated” it to FCFRD and allowed us an opportunity to conduct realistic training on it. Crews worked on individual skills and scenarios as well as complex, full scale incident scenarios. Note that we did not actually set fires in the house. We used theatrical smoke to mimic realistic smoke conditions that would be found in an actual fire.

These rare training opportunities are extremely valuable to the firefighters and paramedics of FCFRD. It allows us to practice and enhance individual and team skills in a variety of situations. This will increase our safety as well as benefit the Fairfax County residents who may need our help one day.

Have a home or building you will be demolishing? Please consider allowing FCFRD firefighters and paramedics to train on it prior to demo day. Call the FCFRD Training Division at 703-631-8121 and ask to speak with someone about the Acquired Structures Program.

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