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Illinois Firefighter Apologizes for Facebook Post

DeKalb firefighter remorseful about comment

(DeKalb Fire Department)

FirefighterNation Staff

DEKALB, Illinois – A DeKalb firefighter has apologized for a post he made in a social media exchange last weekend.

WIFR reports that Firefighter/Paramedic Harley Siddall became involved in a social media exchange while off-duty, and was passionate in his defense of police officers.

Sidall initially made a comment that stated, “Please don’t ever call for help and of course I hope you don’t need it. Weather it’s for you, your husband, your kids anything. Please never ask for the assistance of any leo agency in the land.”

That passion overflowed into language that was hurtful, according to City Manager Bill Nicklas.

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Nicklas told WIFR that the language misrepresented the “inclusive and unselfish mission of the DeKalb Fire Department.”

After a meeting with Siddall, DeKalb Fire Chief McMaster, and representatives of DeKalb IAFF Local 1236, Siddall posted an apology on his personal social media account.