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Demonstrators Rally to Support Red Line Flag at Massachusetts Fire Department

Complaint over flag at Newton firehouse


FirefighterNation Staff

NEWTON, Massachusetts – WHDH reports that a debate is underway in Newton over town officials ordering the removal of a fire department flag.

Over 200 demonstrators gathered on Monday evening outside of the firehouse in support of the ‘Thin Red Line’ flag.

WHDH reported that a passerby reported the flag to town officials and Mayor Ruthanne Fuller released a statement reminding department heads that only the American Flag and Newton banners may hang on the side of buildings.

“The Mayor supports the values embedded in the Firefighters Remembrance Flag and is deeply grateful for the sacrifices made by our firefighers. This is not about this particular flag. Rather, this is about not putting the City in a position of censoring endorsing which banners and ideas put forward by our employees will be on the sides of our buildings.”

Mayor Fuller also noted that Newton employees should only wear face coverings that are solid, floral or striped and avoid any with symbols or insignia.

Supporter Bob Dunn told WHDH, “Maybe they don’t really understand the meaning of the ‘Thin Red Line. Maybe they misinterpreted that. So, maybe by doing this we can share the knowledge of what it really means.”