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Allentown, PA Three-Alarm Fire

NewsWorking video of the
Sacred Heart school fire

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NewsWorking – Lehigh County Transmitted Allentown box 2232 for the address 325 North 4th Street at the Sacred Heart School for a building fire sending Engines 4, 9, 6, 14, Truck 2 under the command of Battalion 43 (Atiyeh).

Chief Atiyeh arrived and reported fire showing and struck out the second alarm sending in Engines 10 and 13. The chief had fire showing on the 3rd floor of the 4-story school on the southwest corner.

Engine 4 stretched a 3 inch line inside and reduced it to a 1-3/4″ hand line and made a quick knock on the fire in the classroom. Truck 2 positioned at the corner of the building and went to the roof to check for extension. The fire had already extended into the cockloft. As companies opened up the ceilings and roof it was evident the fire got ahead of them and was extending to the peak and 4th floor.

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Chief 43 special-called Catasauqua Ladder 231 to the scene for a second ladder company.

A mayday was signaled and the R.I.T. was activated for a firefighter that fell through the roof. He self-extricated and walked to the ambulance to be checked. He was uninjured.

A 10-69 signal was sounded to evacuate the building and the operation went defensive.

FirefighterNation: Mayday at Pennsylvania School Fire

When Ladder 231 arrived they backed-up 4th Street from Gordon Street and positioned in front of Engine 4.

The third alarm was struck sending in the last city engine, engine 11. The chief special-called ladder 731 from Emmaus and ordered them to the rear of the building. Allentown Truck 1 (reserve) was put in-service and brought to the scene. They positioned next to Truck 2.

The fire was still burning at 4:30.